Bed Liner is a Permanent

A spray on bed liner is the best choice for many pickup truck owners. Most any kind of hauling can scratch and ding the bed of your truck. Some kind of bed liner is almost a must or you’ll be dealing with rust on your truck as well as dents and dings. Here’s why a spray on bed liner may be the best choice.

A Guaranteed Solution

Most professional liners come with a lifetime warranty. Now that’s comforting to know that the applicator stands behind the work. But the real trick is the job will be done right since the dealer doesn’t want to see you back in his shop. The real key to any coating staying on and performing is surface preparation. That’s the hard part. You can rest easy the pro is going to do it right otherwise you’ll be back in the shop.

That Custom Look

A pickup with a standard bed just looks somewhat bare and unfinished. Pickup truck bed liners finish the truck bed with a custom look. No other liner matches the look of a spray on finish especially in a color to complement the look of the rest of the truck. A spray on bedliner on finish is a two part spray on coating up to about 1/4 inch thick with lots of rubbery texture to give a cushion finish that’s non-skid plus tough.

Permanent Means Tough

That toughness is permanent too. The coating is so thick that it can absorb lots of abuse and still not let any damage down to the bed itself. Plus the coating is completely reparable. The dealer can recoat to repair any damage so you can hardly tell it’s been repaired. Now if you’re really going to abuse a bed with rough cargo like concrete blocks for example, you may still want to use rubber mats in the bed to keep the bed looking good. But bed liners spray on coatings can take most any cargo in stride.

A bed liner for trucks protects the bed of the truck from damage which can shorten the life of a truck. But liners also give a truck a finished custom look. And the right liner is a permanent, guaranteed solution for protecting your vehicle.

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