Epic Easter Office Party Ideas That Will Make You a Hero In Office

How many of you are familiar with the term “bunny buddy?” How about the term “Jingling?” Sounds Christmassy doesn’t? That’s because it is. It was coined by a bunch of over-enthusiastic brainy maniacs, who we are extremely thankful to.

Elfing or Jingling is nothing different than “Secret Santa.” You choose a person who you would like to gift and you go out of the way to find a something perfect for them. At my office, we drew inspiration from this and began a new game called “Bunnied.” The game has other names as well like “Hopped.” Call it what you may, but here is the gist of that game.

How to get Bunnied or “Bunnied” someone else?

So this is how it is done. Send a mass mail to every employee in your office briefing them about this activity. Let them know the rules and regulation. Ask them if they are interested in playing this rather beneficial and interesting game and also, ask them to spread the word. The more the merrier. Wait until you get a reply. This way you will not be forcing anybody and you will let “free will” take its due course. Jot down these names into tiny pieces of paper and let the participants pick anyone. If you are responsible for hosting this game then a suggestion is that you begin preparation a month before hand. It is always nice to give more time to people, especially when it comes to gifts.

Once you have picked a name, you have to keep it a secret. If it is somebody you do not know, then get to know them. Do not make it too obvious. If you are scared that you would appear transparent, get a friend to help you out. Again, do not tell him either who your bunny buddy is. Secrets spread like wildfire. Play it cool. You’re smart enough to figure out how. Now this is where your second opportunity to free will comes to play. You can choose whether or not you want to reveal yourself to them. If you do, you can always put in a small card with a message acknowledging who you are. If you cannot think of anything fancy, then go ahead and put “You have been Bunnied by __!”

This the way we played in our office, but rules and methods can be changed as you wish. If you have better ideas in mind, well and good.

How to play?

Once you have decided who you are going to Bunny this year, begin the brainstorming. Now when we played this game at our office there were many amazing ideas imposed by the employees.

When I came to my desk, I was startled by what I saw. My Bunny buddy actually decorated my workspace with cute little-stuffed dolls, chocolates, Easter cards, Lip-gloss and a gift basket which consisted of more chocolates from France, a Victoria Secret perfume and a keychain with my name on it. My biggest regret is that till date, I have no idea who that angel in disguise is. All I know is that he/she exists in and around me and it could be anybody. My even bigger regret is that now, I have to be nice to everybody.

You have over a long time to decide what you want to gift them. It is no rocket science. The goal is to make someone smile, if you can achieve that, consider yourself a golden bunny. Do not stress yourself, that is not what the game intends.

Nobody is expecting a pricey gift and neither should you. But going out of your way is always accepted and appreciated. For instance, cook for them. Who doesn’t like good food? If you are a bad cook then send them an invite to dinner.

When this game was played by my friend in her office, she found out that many found this game child-like. What would you do if you encountered the same?

This is where a little bit of marketing skills come into play. And the main motto in marketing according to me is “Giving.” When people realize that they are getting something especially for free, they want it. The second thing is “Rewards!” Tell them that there is a reward for those who take part in this. What reward you may think? Well, think. You know your office better than anybody else. In my office, we luckily came across free coupons for a mid-night meal at a restaurant downtown and the first ten people to register for the game gets one coupon. We got fifty entries. So sell the game as much as you can.

Gift Ideas for Easter

The options are many. Initially, you must be thinking about low-budget gifts like candy, stuffed animals, candles or lip-balm. But this year I urge you to go bad derriere on it and kick it up a notch.

If your bunny buddy is a girl then the following are perfect as an Easter gift:

A sweater with a sweet message on it.
A bracelet
If she is a tomboy then buy a cap which has a lingo imprinted on it.
A ticket for a baseball match.
A ticket to an opera.
Customised shirt, cups or even a keychain for her file cupboard.
A nice bottle of wine.
If your Buddy bunny is a boy then the following are certain gift ideas for Easter:

A jersey of his favourite sports team.
A deodorant.
A tie.
A hotel reservation.
An invite to walk around town and engulf all the street food. I mean, think about which guy would not love that. Remember to mention you are sponsoring it.
A ticket to a hockey match or any other sports event for that matter.
Free beer for a month.
The above are just suggestions, you can always put in your own style.

When we had this game at our office the more practical one’s actually put a lot of thought in certain gifts. They were both helpful and long-lasting. One actually gifted my friend a new work table. Office stationery is also a good gift idea for a colleague. They will appreciate it a lot. Buy them a new printer, shredder, a whiteboard or even a new pen. It is worth the cost. There are many portals on the internet that provide you with cheap and affordable office supplies as well as furniture. Give them a try if regular store shopping gets costly.

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