How to Apply a DupliColor Bed Liner – 3 Tips

A DupliColor bed liner gets you a truck bed coating from one of the leaders in automotive paint. Dupli-Color is best known maybe for touch-up paint, but they are one of the leaders in do it yourself bed liners too. Here are three tips for installing your own liner based on our spray on bedliner experience with truck bed paint.

Tip 1: Scratch for success.

Like with any kind of painting, surface preparation is a must if the paint is going to stay where you put it. Luckily for truck bed paint, the surface prep is quite easy. That’s because you really want a rough sanding job. No fine sanding is required. What you want is a really coarse sanding of the surfaces to be coated. It really is just an all over heavy scratching. Easy to do…

Tip 2: But wash first…

Even before sanding, wash the bed completely. Here’s why. Nothing makes paint peel faster than applying over grease and wax. That’s why it’s important to wash the truck bed first with a regular grease and wax remover. Just ask at the auto parts store and they’ll have what you need. It’s an easy step, but one you don’t want to skip.

Tip 3: Plenty of paint.

The thicker the truck bed coating, the better. A gallon isn’t enough to cover the typical bed. Get at least an extra quart and an extra gallon is even better. A thicker coat lasts longer and looks better too.

A DupliColor Bed Liner is a great way to improve the looks of your pickup without spending much money. It’s simple to apply and looks almost just like a much more expensive spray on bed liner.

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