How to Easily Get Pregnant

Most couples look forward to having a baby with great excitement and thrill. But all the enthusiasm and excitement can turn to stress when they start to experience problems trying to get pregnant. If you תנוחות סקס בהריון to this group of couples who don’t know how to easily get pregnant, you don’t have to panic. Here are some tips that may help you conceive sooner.

Monitor your exercise

Too much physical activity can ruin your chances of conceiving a baby. Research tells us that excessive exercise can lead to cycles wherein ovulation doesn’t happen. It can also lead to a condition called luteal phase deficiency wherein a woman’s 2nd half of the cycle isn’t long enough for her egg to be fertilized. Regulating your exercise is one key on how to easily get pregnant.

Sex Quality

Never treat sex like a chore that you have to do in order to conceive. Sex should remain spontaneous and enjoyable. This could be the reason why several couples get pregnant without even trying so hard at it. Don’t try to have sex only during designated schedules. You should rather find ways to spice things up inside the bedroom without overdoing it. Be sure to have at least 24 – 48 hours gap in between sex to allow your man to regenerate a healthy amount of sperm. Making love slowly and gently can be one way on how to easily get pregnant.

Avoid going to the bathroom after intercourse

A simple tip is for a woman to stay in bed for at least 20 minutes after sex. Standing up or walking can have drawbacks since it will let gravity pull down the sperm.

Avoid crazy diets

When trying to conceive, a woman should avoid getting into any crazy diets since it can wreak havoc on your body affecting your cycle and fertility. You should never try to starve yourself or try conception diets that don’t have any scientific basis. Watching what you eat is one way on how to easily get pregnant.
Avoid excessive planning

Avoid being too anxious in determining your exact ovulation date. You can instead have sex once every 2 days, giving you the same chances of conception without having the same amount of stress involved with charting body temperatures or checking the consistency of your cervical mucus. Keep yourself cool and relaxed, it’s one of the ways on how to easily get pregnant.

Things to look avoid in your diet

Making positive changes in your diet can be helpful if you want to conceive easily. Avoid sodas, caffeine and junk foods. Eliminate alcohol and nicotine. Also, you should include foods that are rich in folate or take.5 mg of folic acid daily for 3 to 4 months before trying to conceive.

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