How to find wedding dresses online?

Not so long ago, purchasing luxury products online was still a debate. But in the recent year, luxury e-commerce sites emerged in an inevitably exponential way. According to McKinsey, “The success of ventures such as Net-A-Porter has shown that consumers are indeed able to buy luxury products online, and at undiscounted prices. ” (McKinsey, 2015).

Net-A-Porter is an online luxury multibrand store that has a wide range of designer’s attire, accessories and beauty products. The price can be very high and yet it is a huge success. Many other websites like FarFetch or My Theresa offer the same products. Not to forget the traditional luxury brands who offers their highest price products on their own website such as: Chanel, Hermes, Dior etc. … According to: Luxe Digital “even the older and traditional luxury

that it would decrease their luxury brand’s image. ” (Luxe Digital, 2017) However, as mentioned above, the sustainable and unmissable growth of the luxury online market sector left them with no choice. Nowadays, it is very likely to find whatever you decide and would desire online. how much are wedding dress alterations

It is interesting to convey these facts in order to understand that litigant is inevitably able to buy anything online nowadays. This is why, the brand Maison Roula launched an e-commerce website in May 2020. Buying wedding dresses online is now possible on their website.

Maison Roula was developed in 2013. It started as a physical shop in Beirut, Lebanon. Roula, the founder of the brand was very hesitant about this new idea, suggested by her daughter Lina. Being from another generation she was completely hesitant at the beginning, she really taught that there is oh dear a person brands went

online. We were looking at in fact the last one to do it, and have for long hesitated being afraid would be able to purchase wedding dresses online. However, Lina stated reality, some, explained above, elucidating to her mother the “importance” of going online even for such products. Also, she emphasized that with the development of new technologies soon such as: virtual reality or augmented reality it will be easily and more likely for customers to look for their wedding dresses online.

One of the main elements of differentiation of the brand Maison Roula is that it offers a made to measure service. When buying the dress online, clients will be asked to fill a rank bed sheet so as to conceive the dress according to their measurements. In that way, customers won’t be minimal by “standardized sizes problem” or the shapes dictated by the trends. This service is in fact, very rare until now on online platforms.

Maison Roula is then indeed an ideal spot for all future brides to find their dream wedding dresses online. It is designed for all future brides for the future generations, featuring a wide variety of creation to fulfill the cravings of as many women. As mentioned above, the dress will be tailored to the measurements of the client and can be customized. But there is more to the story. Maison Roula dresses carry an influential message to women. Roula and Lina perceive the wedding ceremony as a day to be lived as you dreamed it to be. Because, your wedding shouldn’t be a spectacle for others regarding green special moment for you, right?

On another hand, it can be very interesting to take some time to handle the wedding industry trends in order to understand clearer the decision of Lina the daughter of Roula.

According to Ranu Coleman the chief marketing officer of Azazie, an online retailer. “Shifting consumer buying habits in a very traditional industry such as wedding planning does not happen overnight, ” In recent years, the online wedding industry has in fact, emerged in an exponential way. Nowadays, brides can plan their weddings entirely online. They can, for example, send invitation, order the flowers, hire caterers and even buy their wedding dresses online.

This growth can be explained by many factors. Several positive aspects are in fact offered by the online wedding retailers when comparing to a physical store.

One of them is the unlimited time a bride can have when shopping for (wedding dresses online) versus the time she would have in a traditional shop. In fact, in Paris, france , for example, many brides find themselves minimal to only one hour of fitting with a limited number of dresses. This problem has caused many negative reviews on their google account. Another advantage offered by online shops, is the virtual appointment service a bride can have with a personal stylist in order to answer as many questions and doubts she would have. On the contrary, in the case of a physical store the bride will have to ask her questions in the same limited hour, she will have to try the limited number of dresses. That leads us to say that the advice may not be as victorious.

It is interesting to convey these facts, since, according to Mckinsey “The inevitable consumer Shift towards online shopping, is motivated by the consumer’s online experience. ” On the other hand, at least 40 percent of all luxury purchases are in some way influenced by consumers’ online experience. “(McKinsey & Company, 2018). Reality stated above being important pillar of the customer’s online experience.

Knowing that innovation is the most important source of creating and adding value in the mind of the customer, companies that don’t innovate will die, noting also that, nowadays technology and innovation are processes that are constantly evolving and changing.

In order to meet the latest trend, the companies are facing the obligation to innovate frequently, using technology as a tool of innovation and thus an element of quality maintenance expected by the customers (Jean-Noel Kapferer, 2008).

This is why, Lina decided to line-up with new technologies and trends. So, if you are asking yourself how to find wedding dresses online, Maison Roula is your ultimate online destination that has to its customers a unique shopping experience with many different advantages. to purchase easily, efficiently and calmly your bridesmaid dresses, or wedding dresses online, without being minimal by the quantities of products or time litigant have when buying such luxury goods, as listed above.

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