Numerology – The Life Path Number and Its Definitions

Every one of us has the life path number . This number can tell us who we are and describe our character. The life path number is very important in numerology and it is very easy to calculate it.

To find out our life path number, you have to find the sum of your birth date (numbers of month, day and a year) For example:

If person is born in July 13, 1988. July = 7th month. 1972 = 1,9,7,2

Step 1) 13 (day) + 7 (month) + 1 + 9 + 7 + 2 (year) = 13 + 7 + 14 = 34
Step 2) now we got 34, we have to sum this two digits that contains number 34 – 3 and 4
Step 3) 3 + 4 = 7 – So the life path number of this person is 7.

(The life path number must be between 1 and 9, so if you get 10 or more, you have to repeat the second step.)

1 – People with a number one have a character of a leader. They are active, ambitious, very extraordinary and independent. The number one is a symbol of being alone, so people with this number stand alone and this always help to achieve their goals. For them “I” is very Life path number 7 and have a hard time with working in a group. They respect punctuality and honesty. People with a number one are very sensitive about criticism. They can get angry easily. ‘Number ones’ also can be very lazy or aggressive and can have a dictative character.

2 – Number two is a symbol of partnership. People with a number 2 can not stay alone for a long time and have a hard time with working alone. They have very diplomatic character and can solve a conflict easily. They are very good life partners – “two” always needs love and harmony at home. This is very important for him/her.

3 – People with a number three have a natural talent of using words wonderfully. They often become good writers, orators, traders, teachers, actors etc. They are very positive, optimistic and independent persons. ‘three’ is a very good friend and has a very good personality. Harmony and family is important for them too.

4 – ‘Fours’ are very practical, emotional and patient persons. They love to have everything in order. Experience is their teacher and they are very brave and honest. People with a number four always want to be busy. They are very hard working. They hate to be interrupted and work is very important for them. They always prefer to have an active friends. “Fours’ are very good at engineering and professions like that.

5 – These people love changes. They are always interested in new places and new works. They can get new friends easily. They love travel and can make decisions very fast. ‘Fives’ are very good employees at tourism agencies. New adventures are very important and necessary for them. They are also very good detectives or writers.

6 – People with a number six have a feelings of responsibility towards their families and society. They love to be in the center of attention. They are in need of harmony and beauty around them. ‘Six’ is very trustful person. He/She loves harmony, beauty, love and music. S/he understands ‘good and bad’ very well and is always ready to help friends. They prefer to have a job where they can use their intellect, not their physical abilities. They are very artistic and love the nature. They also have a good talent of music and often are successful in music industry.

7 – Seven is a number of a wisdom. People with this number always seek wisdom. They try to find the answers to mystery. They never trust strangers and always prefer to stay quiet. ‘Sevens’ do not like to do jobs that require physical abilities and love to use their minds. They are very, very patient and prefer to work alone.

8 – This number is a symbol of achieving goals. ‘Eights’ love money and power. If it is your number, you should have to find a balance between materialism and spiritualism. Eight is very active number. People with this number are a hard workers. They often are businessmen and own big companies. They have to learn how to deal with money, because they can get lost in materialism very easily.

9 – Number nine is a symbol of compassion and humanism. ‘Nines’ are smart, kind, emotional and patient persons. They are always ready to give the love away. They are always ready to defend others. ‘Nines’ are romantics and idealists. They fall in love very deeply. Money and power affect nines negatively.

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