Penis Pump

The first penis pump, The Erector, was invented by Freddie W. Sell in 1959, but the tradition of male enhancement devises is likely as old as the penis itself. One of the most gruesome techniques reported was tying a rock to the end of the penis and allowing gravity to slowly stretch the penis over time. Ouch!

Fortunately male enhancement and penis pumps have come a long way since then. A lot more is understood about why and how they work and what should and should not be done with them.

A word about safety and Penis Pumps: Whenever you are using a vacuum device on yourself, whether it is a penis pump, pussy pump, or your mother’s Eureka floor vac, take it slowly! Pay very close attention to how the suction feels. If it ever feels painful, stop! Even if you are into S&M, do not hurt yourself with a pump. You really do not want to damage your most valuable asset. The goal is enhancement, or better yet, a great orgasm. With a little common sense, you can have a safe and memorable experience with your pump.

Growth and your Penis Pump. Anyone that says you will experience permanent and significant increases in the length of your cock by using a penis pump is lying to you. Pumps (помпа для члена) can and will increase the blood flow to your dick which will in turn make your dick temporarily larger. Pumps will also increase the sensitivity of your dick giving you a more intense sexual experience. To temporarily preserve the increase in size the pump achieves, combine it with the use of a cock ring. If you put the cock ring on right after you finish pumping, you will capture the extra blood flowing to your dick– giving you the extra size you were looking for. I guarantee you will be happy with the results if your expectations are realistic.

Penis Pumps treat Erectile Dysfunction. Doctors regularly prescribe penis pumps to treat erectile dysfunction. Accoring to the Cornell University Department of Urology:

A number of reports have cited satisfaction rates above 80%. This treatment has been shown to result in definite improvement in erection hardness, increase in frequency of sex and increase in overall sexual satisfaction. Increased satisfaction for the partner has also been demonstrated.

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