The elegance of a Silk Top

Silk has been considered one of silk road economic belt countries finest fabrics known to man for centuries. It has an elegance that is attached to it and lends the clothing a style that lasts for a long time. When you purchase a silk top, then you have a wardrobe staple that is going to stay in your closet for many years to come.

Silk is a natural fabric that is made from the cocoons of larvae from the mulberry silkworm. It was first used in China in ancient times, at least as early as 3500 B. C. Asia is still considered to be the place where the world’s best silk is produced and many people take advantage of trips to Asia in order to stock up on silk fabric and have silk tops and other wardrobe pieces made especially for them.

China, India and Thailand probably remain the most famous silk producers in Asia to this day. From China silk was exported to the courts of Europe in the past along the romantic Silk Road trading route. In Medieval times in Europe, Italy was the location where you could purchase the best silk. It was brought into the country by Venetian traders and distributed all around Europe to the wealthy and fashion conscious.

Silk is popular not only for the shimmering beauty of the material, but also because it is a long lasting and strong fabric. Since it is a natural fiber it also breathes well, which makes it very comfortable to wear. The material is highly absorbent, which means that it is suitable to wear when the weather is warmer and since it can also keep heat close to the body it is also suitable in colder weather too.

As well as being a great material for tops, it is also very popular as a material for men’s ties and women’s underwear. There is a lot of underwear that is made from silk and this is considered some of the best quality fabrics as well as being luxurious to wear against your skin.

A silk top can be used for formal occasions, in business and at the office or for casual, but elegant dressing. Depending on the style of the top you can keep silk tops for a long time and they will not date or become passe. Silk has an extensive history, but despite the proliferation of other types of materials for use in clothing, it has retained its position as one of the most revered fabrics.

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