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Building a dog house isn’t difficult if you’re following a how to remove flex seal quality blueprint. In fact, it only really takes about a day to build a solid dog house from wood. This article acts as a pre-construction guide so you can avoid any time and money wasting mistakes.

Ensure The House Fits The Dog

Believe it or not, this is one of the most common mistakes that dog owners make. Many dogs are quite claustrophobic, and won’t even use a kennel if it’s slightly too small. Measure your dog before deciding on which size to build.

There are 3 main sizes/types:

  • The first is the standard, medium sized dog house. Both small and medium dogs will fell at home in one of these, as it will provide plenty of breathing space for either. It should be large enough to allow good air circulation, but small enough to keep warm.
  • Next is the large, premium sized dog house for larger animals, or perhaps even 2 smaller animals. Large dog houses will usually include some form of ventilation holes and include an overhanging roof to protect your dog/s from heavy wind and rain.
  • The third and most complex design is the duplex dog house. These are great if you’ve got more than one dog, but want to give them their own space. It’s larger than the biggest single dog house, and includes a removable wall so that they can snuggle up with each other if they want.

Top 5 Dog House Tips

Once you’ve worked out what size and style your homemade dog house is going to be, keep these extra tips in mind.

1) Make sure that the floor is elevated about 2 or 3 inches. This will allow air to pass under the dog house, keeping it cool during the day. It also ensures that any water will flow under rather than into your dog’s home.

2) Slope the floor slightly towards the entrance. This will ensure that any water that happens to get in will quickly run out the door.

3) When building your roof it’s a good idea to attach some hinges. This will make it MUCH easier to clean, and you won’t have to climb in and get all stinky.

4) Consider building a flat roof. Some dogs like to sit up the top of their house to get some sun. If you do this be sure not to make the roof out of metal, as it will get too hot!

5) Avoid building a dog house with a “pointy” roof. For some strange reason wasps and hornets are really good at building nests in these!

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